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About Me

Johann Callaghan
Johann Callaghan

Johann Callaghan is an Author, Speaker, Certified Health & Sleep Coach and Podcaster. 

She has featured many times in the media on radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. Johann’s first book ‘How to get a good night’s sleep has been a major success in Ireland and across the world.

Following Johann’s book, she has now turned this into a workshop and various online training programs. She also speaks passionately about sleep, health and happiness at seminars, corporate talks and speaking events. Johann is the organiser of the Empowering Mind Body & Soul Expo, June 2017, where she shared the stage with Health & Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Gloriane Giovannelli (Dr. Glo) and international speaker and mentor, Pat Slattery. Johann appeared at 'MEETING OF MINDS' Seminar July, 2018, where she spoke along side event organiser, Pat Slattery, Strategist / International Speaker, Donna Kennedy, best-selling author, psychologist, business and life coach, and Leslie Fieger, Founder Of Delfin World Wide and Creator Of The Life Transforming Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy.

An award winning entrepreneur, Johann is a sleep expert and passionate about educating and empowering you to be your own self-care advocate, creating a healthier and happier life with better sleep. Her whole ethos in life is about giving back and helping others to have a more meaningful life.

As an author, speaker and online trainer, Johann is passionate about helping people overcome their sleep and health frustrations by taking simple actions to take back control of their health and happiness.

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