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About Me

Johann Callaghan
Johann Callaghan The Sleep Success Coach

Hi, I'm Johann Callaghan, a renowned Sleep Success Coach and I have been helping people transform their lives by improving their lifestyle and sleep patterns for over a decade. I specialise in sleep science and I'm deeply passionate about helping others overcome their sleep challenges and achieve optimal health and well-being.

My journey toward becoming a sleep coach started after I lost my daughter, Megan in 2007 when I struggled with even more sleepless nights, leading to a range of physical and mental health issues. After trying various remedies, I eventually found success through holistic approaches that addressed both the physical and emotional aspects of sleep. This experience inspired me to help others in similar situations, leading me to study sleep science and develop my coaching practice.

My coaching philosophy centers around the idea that good sleep is essential for life and overall health and well-being, especially for our children, our next generation. I believe that everyone has unique needs and challenges when it comes to sleep, which is why my teaching and coaching has an emphasis on empowering and facilitating clients to meet their unique requirements. The methods I use are science-based and draw from a variety of disciplines, including sleep science, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.

Through my teaching and coaching, I has helped numerous clients achieve better sleep, leading to improved physical health, mental clarity and overall happiness. My clients have reported a range of benefits, from reduced stress and anxiety to better relationships and a happier home environment.

As a sought-after speaker and educator, I have delivered talks and workshops to a range of audiences, from corporate executives to healthcare professionals and parents. I have also been featured in numerous publications and media outlets, including RTE, G Request Show (Sky TV), Dublin City FM, to mention a few and I am a proud member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA).

Overall, I am is a leading authority in sleep science and a trusted coach who has helped countless people improve their businesses, their lives, and their families through better sleep and healthy living.

Affiliations & Appearances

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